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Open Arms Foundation, is a non-profit entity that was established on October 15, 2020, since its start the mission of the foundation is the transformation of society according to the values of humanism through social action for the most vulnerable people promoting their social and labor insertion.

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Our mission

To build a more caring society, supporting the less favored, being a foundation recognized by our integrity and professionalism and for the impact of our actions on the well-being and development of the communities with which we work.

Our Vision

To achieve a society where there is no room for social and labor exclusion. Opportunity for transformation through individual development and empowerment. Open Arms Foundation will bet on quality work from the incorporation of technology, information and communication, seeking collaboration and insertion of both public and private entities.

We defend with criteria and character the moral, human and ethical principles.

Our Values

  • Coherency value

    Defend with criteria and character the moral, human and ethical principles that govern us. Coherency requires loyalty and commitment to the principles that are educated in the family.

  • Humanism

    Humane inspiration in our way of seeing and doing, respecting the freedom of each person, we act from the values that give priority to the dignity of the human being and equality.

  • Social Commitment

    Providing social co-responsibility and active participation in the knowledge and defense of the basic rights of all citizens. Inclusion of social and political agents and society in the prevention of poverty and exclusion. Commitment to the people we accompany to improve their lives.

  • Integrity

    We seek integrity in our accompaniment and training models with durable solutions to eradicate the causes of exclusion and overcome personal, social and professional obstacles.

  • Transparency and Independence

    Towards the governing bodies, interest groups of the foundation and the media. A public and transparent management, adequate accountability both with regards to resources, the actions that are carried out and results. Transparency in project management where we make our foundation accessible and visible and we work to incorporate quality standards, evaluations and external activity controls.


¡Comprehensive care! (26)


President.   Head of education, sports, recreation and tourism.

¡Comprehensive care! (32)

Teresa Jaramillo Jaramillo

Secretary and treasurer. Head of design, fashion and care.

¡Comprehensive care! (29)

rashida reyes sanchez sint jago

Board member.  Head of human resources.

¡Comprehensive care! (28)

derchlien vrolijk dijkhoff

Board member.  Head of project development.

¡Comprehensive care! (30)

Elma campos krosendijk

Board member.  Head of social welfare and entrepeneurship.

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